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UV (Ultra Violet) Pipe Lining
The Andidrain service goes beyond investigation and cleaning, with a comprehensive lining and patching service.

Often, the first sign to the customer of a drainage problem is a blockage. This may have an underlying cause, for example, root masses penetrating through a broken pipe. Cleaning and cutting back the roots will relieve the symptoms in the short term, but may not cure the underlying problem. Left untreated, the situation may present itself again and again, causing further disruption and potentially more extensive damage.

A further serious issue could be that of exfiltration, where a damaged pipe causes effluent to escape into the surrounding soils leading to the potential contamination of groundwater and pollution. This may also cause leaching away of the surrounding ground structure, leading to further, more extensive critical failure.

Customers may be concerned at the disruption that digging down and replacing sections of broken pipe can cause, but with a variety of no-dig (or 'trenchless') techniques now available, this need not be the case.

Full Length Lining

Where defects are found to exist over a longer area of pipe, a full-length lining is more likely to offer the most economical solution.

Installed from manhole to manhole, a number of methods are available depending upon the particular situation.

Lateral (side entry) connections are logged and reopened using our own high performance robotic cutters.

Andidrain carry out
Cured in Place (CIPP) lining works on diameters from 150mm to over 1000mm.

Based on the ProKasro
Ultra Violet (UV) cured system, the Andidrain Lining Division are able to carry out lining using state of the art equipment delivering effective results in a fraction of the time taken by older and less environmentally friendly systems.

When compared with more conventional Water or Steam Cured in Place Lining, UV offers the following advantages:-

• More Environmentally friendly - no Styrene odours and no Styrene contaminated curing water to dispose of.

• No scaffold towers needed - more adaptable for locations with height restrictions e.g. underpasses, tunnels, overhead cables etc.

• Smaller working footprint needed on site.

• No large volumes of clean water needed, therefore no risk of cross contamination via hydrants.

• Faster installation & cure.

• Less reduction in cross sectional area of host pipe, due to glass fibre reinforcement allowing thinner liners.

• More gradient friendly and no risk of burst due to pressure at laterals and downstream portals.

• Fewer access restrictions.

• No risk to personnel / public from steam or hot water

Patch Repair.

Where the problem is isolated to only one or two areas within a pipe, the most cost effective method may be the installation of a short length of lining to 'patch' the area in question.

Andidrain personnel are fully trained and we have carried out many installations in the UK.

With our knowledge and skills, we can assess and make recommendations to deliver value for money in the event of drain failure.

Whatever the situation, please contact Andidrain on 01228 672300 for professional, friendly advice.
Pipe, Drain, Sewer and Culvert
Lining and Patching
Above Unlined 300mm dia. pipe and lateral connection

Below. The same pipe, lined using UV cure
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