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CCTV and Man Entry Surveys
Drain, Sewer and Wastewater Asset Cleaning
Health and Safety
Pipe Intruder Removal and Concrete Cutting
UV Lining and Isolated Patching
Tankering and Septic Tank Emptying
Industrial Cleaning (Conveyors / Plant / etc)
Grit Screening
Beyond High Pressure jetting and cleaning operations, Andidrain also routinely carry out more specialist work.

An innovator, the company continues to invest in new equipment and has developed its own systems and techniques to enhance its service.

Root and Intruder Removal

There are occasions when conventional jetting actions are not the answer. The presence of roots, badly installed intruding lateral connections, concrete and other materials all call for a specialist solution. Working in conjunction with CCTV monitoring equipment, we have a range of tools and techniques at our disposal to tackle the job.

In a recent, exciting breakthrough, Andidrain have developed a new technique that has revolutionised the removal of hard deposits from the inside of pipes in situations where previously, options may have been limited to dig up and replace.
Roots, Hard Materials & Intruders
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